Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.4. HIV Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) — Activities

30th-31st May 2008, Bucharest, Rumania

European Seminar “Voluntary Counseling and Testing” organised by the Romanian Association Against AIDS (ARAS) within the framework of Aids Action Europe. Here you can download the presentation from SPI Research “HIV VCT -concept and practices. A comparative assessment among HIV-testing offers in 5 EU countries”.

21st June 2008, Szczecin, Poland

The German-Polish expert meeting „Qualitätssicherung der HIV-Testberatung“ took place in Szczecin. Here you can download the presentation from SPI Research: "HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing. Konzept und Praxis – Befragung zur Beratungspraxis von HIV-Test-Einrichtungen in 5 EU Ländern“. 

30th June 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria

The results of the survey, held in 2008 in Bulgarian VCT services were presented and discussed on the regular annual meeting of the VCTs in Sofia. Here you can download the presentation “Консултиране и изследване за ХИВ. Сравнително изследване сред 18 служби за изследване на ХИВ в България".