Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


Model regions and partners


The 13 partners (including the coordinator SPI Research) build up interdisciplinary networks in their regions and work together with them on the issues of capacity building and networking, prevention, and sentinel surveillance.

Here are the 5 model regions:


Model region I: 

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (GER) and Zachodniopomorskie (PL)





MAT-LAKOST (Verein zur Förderung der Prävention im AIDS- und Suchtbereich in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.)


The mobile AIDS education and prevention team exists since 1991. The specific target-group oriented offers address mainly teachers and educators, social workers, medical professionals, multipliers and trainers, students, parents, professionals from handicapped services. Main objectives of the education/ prevention activities are deepening of the technical and methodological knowledge, increase of the action and reflection competence, combat of prejudices and fears related to HIV/AIDS.


Contact: MAT-LAKOST, Wokrenter Str. 3, 18055 Rostock, Germany, tel: +49-381-4923463, fax:+49-381-4923503, e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Kathrin Bever, Sigrid Langenberg


GAOSTV (Gesundheitsamt des Landeskreises Ostvorpommern), Abendrot Project


„Abendrot“, established in October 1995, has main focus of work at prevention and street work in crossing-border prostitution scenes, sexual education and AIDS prevention work in the border areas (together with Polish partners), HIV/STI prevention in schools and youth clubs, further training of multipliers, social workers and teachers, crossing-border public relation work. The target groups encompass sex workers and their clients, lorry drivers and other commuters, students, teachers, educators, parents, associations for youth and women’s work.


Contact: GAOSTV, Abendrot, Pasewalker Allee 23, 17389 Anklam, Germany, tel: +49-3971-244836, fax:+49-3971-244839, e-mail:
Contact persons: Frank Zimmermann, Tatjana Hindenburg



SPWSZ (Samodzielny Publiczny Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony)

The Szcecin public hospital (region of West Pommerania) focuses its activities in HIV/STI Diagnostic, HIV positive in- patients therapy, HIV positive out- patients therapy, STI out- and in-patients therapy, HIV/STI prevention and offers pre- and post-test counselling. SPWSZ cooperates with NGOs regarding HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and since 2005 it carries out the regional coordination of the EU Project BORDERNET.


Contact: SPWSZ, ul. Arkońska 4, 71-455 Szczecin, Poland, tel: +48-91-4893905, fax: +48-91-4854218, e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Irena Wawreszuk, Małgorzata Kłys-Rachwalska




Model region II:

Brandenburg (GER) and Lubuskie (PL)





AHP (AIDS - Hilfe Potsdam e.V.)


The AHP, established in 1991, is the only organisation in the German federal province of Brandenburg representing the interest of HIV positive persons. The main focus of activity is information, counselling and accompanying of persons affected by HIV (anonymous, personal and on telephone); prevention offers for young people and other target groups; public relation work. The AHP is also the coordination unit for the Brandenburg initiative ”Together against AIDS”.


Contact: AIDS-Hilfe Potsdam e.V., Schulstr.9, 14482 Potsdam, Germany, tel: +49-331-5813227, fax:+49-331-5813228, e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Alexander Leffers, Sabine Kaschubowski



FBF (Fachberatungsstelle Belladonna e.V. Frankfurt/O.)

Belladonna e.V. was established in 1990, it is a women’s counselling centre providing support to women, prostitutes and female migrants from Eastern Europe victims of violence and human (marriage) trafficking in Brandenburg and Berlin, Germany and in the border region of Poland. The services comprise of short-term crisis intervention, shelter, long-term counselling, accompanying to court, by other juridical procedures and state institutions, referral to lawyers, medical doctors and psychologists, establishing contacts in country of origin, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, street work, intercultural centre and language courses.


Contact: Fachberatungsstelle Belladonna e.V. Frankfurt/O., PSF 1652, 15236 Frankfurt/Oder, Germany,
tel: +49-335-534988, fax:+49-335-534988 e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Uta Ludwig, Waclawa Haake, Nadia Gaun



UNGZ (Uniwersitet Zielonogórski)

The University of Zielona Góra, Social Pedagogy Institute, established in 2001 in Lubuskie, Poland has as main purposes education and conduct of scientific researches in the social, humanistic, mathematical, biological and physical domains; education of students in respect of human's rights; dissemination of conquests of science, art and culture. It works with students, scientists, teachers and various professionals developing their qualifications, and with patients in its counselling centre.


Contact: University of Zielona Góra, Social Pedagogy Institute, Youth Counselling and Sex Education Unit, Energetikóv 2, 65-729 Zielona Góra, Poland, tel: +48-68-3282977, fax:+48-68-3282978, e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Prof. Zbigniew Izdebski, Joanna Dec




Model region V¹:

Podkarpackie (PL) in close cooperation with the Saniped (public health department) station in the Podcarpackie voivodeship, and Lviv Oblast (UA) in close cooperation with the Lviv Oblast AIDS center





POMOST (Stowarzyszenie POMOST w Rzeszowie)

The Association Pomost works in the Province Rzeszów since 2001. The main aim of its activities consists of helping drug addicts, HIV-infected persons and aids victims. It runs for example an Information Point for Drug addicts and their Families. POMOST also carries on a nursery for drug-endangered children and youngsters. In addition, the Association provides an anonymous HIV test and accomplishes the program of harm reduction. During the last six years, about 40 projects were realised as the performance of trainings, seminars, and conferences.

Contact: Stowarzyszenie POMOST w Rzeszowie, ul. Matejki 10/4, 35-064 Rzeszow, Polen, tel: +48-692-665-878, fax: +48-17-873-3202, e-mail:, website:
Contact person: Paweł Baj


SALUS (Charity Foundation Salus)


The Charity Foundation Salus was founded in 1996 by professional physicians, it provides activities aimed at improving health conditions of people in Ukraine. With this purpose medical-diagnostic, preventive, educational, informational and other programs are implemented. A fruitful cooperation has been established with local, national and international companies, foundations and governmental institutions.


Contact: Charity Foundation Salus, p/o 320, 79000 Lviv, Ukraine, tel: +38-032-2750989, fax: +38-032-2752596, e-mail:, website:
Contact person: Maryana Sluzhynska



Model region VI:






AISC (AIDS-i Tugikeskus/ AIDS-Information and Support Centre)


AISC is a non-profit NGO, founded in 1994, Tallinn, Estonia. Its activities contain anonymous HIV/STIs pre- and post-test counseling for general public and youth; STI treatment, Health & social services for sex workers (SW); Harm reduction & rehabilitation for IDUs and psycho-social support of PLHIV. AISC is member of EuroCASO, EATG, ILGA, AIDS & Mobility and TAMPEP.


Contact: AIDS-i Tugikeskus/ AIDS-Information and Support Centre, Kopli 32, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia, tel: +372-64-13165, fax: +372-64-13165, e-mail:, website:
Contact person: Jury Kalikov




Model region VII:

Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova





HESED (Health and Social Development Foundation)

HESED was established in 1998 and has three main fields of expertise: health promotion among vulnerable groups, Roma community development and behaviour change research. In the course of 11 years HESED’s team has participated in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of complex international projects in the field of health promotion and STI/HIV/AIDS prevention targeted at CSWs, Roma communities and MSM. HESED participated in the development of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy and is involved in the implementation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Programme at the Ministry of Health funded by the GFATM.

Contact: Health and Social Development Foundation (HESED), Macedonia Blvd. 17, 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel: +359-2851-8108, fax: +359-2953-3455, e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Sylvia Vassileva, Elena Kabakchieva



ARAS (Asociatia Romana Anti SIDA)


ARAS is the first Romanian NGO that provides services connected to HIV/AIDS. ARAS introduced amongst others in Romania the pre- and post- HIV test counseling and is the promoter of the professional training in the field (for doctors, nurses, midwives). Its model of prevention and social services for PLWA has been reproduced and followed by several NGOs. ARAS is the founding member and coordinator of the Romanian Harm Reduction Network and provides the secretariat for the Multisectoral AIDS Commission.


Contact: Asociatia Romana Anti SIDA (ARAS), Intrarea M. Eminescu 5, Sector 2, 020 079, Bucharest, Romania, tel: +40-21-2102-077, fax: +40-21-21082-51, e-mail:, website:
Contact persons: Galina Musat





The Association CREDINTA implements projects since 2002. One of its principal aims is the improvement of the health conditions for PLWHA in Moldova. This includes facilitating psychological, social, advisory and legal aid, access to medicines and diagnostics. CREDINTA is a member of the European Network PLWHA, ITPC and ETAG.

Contact: CREDINTA, Miron Kostin 10, kv.12, Kishinew, MD-2068 PO Box 2839, Moldova, tel.: +373-2292-9906, fax: +373-2292-9907, e-mail:, website:
Contact person: Igor Kilchevski