Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009




Among others results in progress those are the major outcomes in the years 2008-2009:

  • A successfully set cross-border health goals with the inclusion of political decision makers in Germany and Poland. Established in written statements of intention signed by both sides, they aim at ensuring of free access to HIV counselling and tests, adequate HIV/STIs prevention offers integrated into sexual education measures, continuous education of experts and support to PLHIV and their families
  • Transfer of procedures (needs assessment and effective models) and set up of functioning regional networks in regions with great epidemiological importance in the European region in terms of HIV spread – beginning/further development of cooperation between Eastern Poland/Western Ukraine; Estonia/the Russian border (city of Narva), Moldova/ the Region of Transnistria (city of Tiraspol), Bulgaria and Romania
  • Transfer of proven models and approaches for HIV/STI prevention - youth events (Youth Film Days), drama methods in prevention, peer training, trainings for multipliers, continuing medical education
  • Target-group specific prevention, counselling, medical diagnostic and treatment offers for strongly marginalised most-at-risk populations – sex workers (in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria), i.v. drug users (in Poland, Ukraine, and Estonia), Roma adolescents, largely i.v. drug users (Bulgaria, Romania), HIV-positive young  people (Moldova), inmates (Germany, Poland)
  • Extension of the regional cross-border HIV/STI sentinel surveillance system (Austria, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania) and outline of epidemiological events in the model regions, conduction of assessment surveys on quality of HIV VCT (Bulgaria, Romania) and offers for further education of counsellors (Germany, Poland)



For more detailed information you can download here the annual Report of 2008 in German: