Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— BORDERNETwork Workshop WP9 at WHO/BZgA/AAE QI Conference in Berlin, April 2012


The 2nd Expert Conference on Quality in HIV Prevention in the European Region “Improving Practice” took place in on April 23-24 2012 in Berlin.


BORDERNETwork hold a workshop on the practical implementation of QUIET: Quality Improvement and (self-)Evaluation Tool for youth HIV/STI prevention and SRHR (WP9). The workshop, moderated by Isabell Eibl (AHW) and Elfriede Steffan (SPI) was attended by 12 international experts from 4 EU and 1 NON-European country. The review and intensive discussions on the on-line tool provided helpful recommendations and will support the finalisation of the instrument, to be launched in the autumn of 2012.