Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— BORDERNETWork Workshop WP8 at Correlation Conference, Ljubljana, Dec 2011


On December 13, 2011 BORDERNETwork held a workshop in the frame of the Correlation Conference ( with the title: “ From culturally – sensitive to community based? The long way to participatory HIV/STI prevention with and for ethnic minorities and migrant communities”.

The workshop focused on effective community involvement in HIV/STI prevention of ethnic minorities and migrant groups. Underlying concepts in use Europe wide along the line of participatory approaches (e.g. culturally-sensitive, community-friendly, community-oriented or community-based) were critically reviewed. The assessment survey results of the BORDERNETwork project WP8 were presented . In working groups the participants shared experience related to the key issues of participatory prevention from the perspective of the affected communities: how much participation is enough, what is the minimum standard, what is the good practice standard?

Finally, a presentation of an evidence-based community-based model of prevention (POL) applied in Roma and other marginalized communities in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries highlighted important features of the implementation of participatory HIV/STI prevention in practice.

The workshop was moderated by Elfriede Steffan and Tzvetina Arsova Netzelmann from SPI Forschung, Berlin and by Radostina Antonova, HESED, Sofia. 15 participants from 6 countries attended the workshop.


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