Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— Training Seminar WP8 participatory community-based HIV/STI prevention in Vienna, Nov 2011


Between November 14 and 16, 2011 the second training seminar in participatory prevention with migrant/ethnic minorities took place in Vienna. Organiser and host was Aids Hilfe Wien. Trainers and facilitators came from HESED (BG), DAH (DE), Living for Tomorrow (EST). 30 professionals and peers (incl. facilitator’s teams) from 7 EU and 1 NON-EU country took part. The objectives of the meeting were to present and provide hands-on practical experience on the application of three models of participatory HIV/STI prevention: the PARC project of AHW, the Aids&Mobility project, piloted by AISC together with Living for Tommorow and the PaKoMi project of DAH.


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