Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— Subcontracting Partners


I.Subcontracting of Fact Finding Missions in Non-EU countries


For the purpose of the assessment of the core strands of HIV/STI prevention, diagnostic and therapy along the external EU borders BORDERNETwork will conduct several Fact Finding Missions in four European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Countries. Those are Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


This fact finding missions will take place outside of EU, but will implement the requirements of EU bearing direct benefit to EU citizens and will implement the methodology and instruments developed by the co-ordinator SPI Forschung.


Hereby the main focus will be on the particularities of local epidemiological situation (e.g. HIV/AIDS/STI, HIV Co-infections, Tuberculosis) and patterns of risk related to social determinants of various vulnerable groups, e.g. young people at risk, mobile groups, representatives of most at risk groups (IDUs, Sex workers, ethnic minority/migrant groups), PLHIV. At same time the scope and barriers of the available prevention measures will be assessed. This will raise understanding about shortcomings of the measures undertaken so far and will study closer the needs related to prevention, medical and social offers, universal access to treatment, care and support for the affected communities.


In order to take advantage of the existing local expertise by the fulfilment of the task the project will involve NGOs, experts in the field as subcontractors in each ENP country.


 The different calls for tenders for the Fact Finding Missions can be downloaded here:


II.Selected subcontractors for Fact Finding Missions


The selection procedure of the call for Fact Finding Missions in ENP countries, to be conducted in the frame of Work Package 4 (Interdisciplinary cross-border networking) of BORDERNETwork has been completed in all four NON-EU countries.


The Charitable Foundation SALUS, based in Lviv, Oblast Lviv, West Ukraine has been selected to conduct 3 Fact Finding Missions in the region of Lviv and the border to Poland starting from February 2011.


Charitable Foundation SALUS
PO BOX 320
79000 Lviv, Ukraine
Oleksandra Sluzhinska


The NGO Association CREDINTA, based in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova has been selected to conduct a Fact Finding Mission in Moldova and the border areas to Romania to start from February 2011.


Mrs. Liudmila Untura
7 Miron Kostin str.
Office No 501 (Left Wing)
MD-2068 Chisinau, Moldova


The “Association against AIDS” – JAZAS, based in Belgrade has been selected to conduct the Fact Finding Mission (FFM) in the Republic of Serbia and the border area to EU to start in December 2010.


Association Against AIDS - JAZAS
Njegoseva 41, Beograd, Serbia
Dr. Dragan Ilic


The “Association PROI”, based in Sarajevo has been selected to conduct the Fact Finding Mission (FFM) in Bosnia and Herzegovina to start in December 2010.


Association PROI
Kotromanica 48, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Samir Ibisevic


III. Instruments for Fact Finding Missions