Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— Satellite Workshop WP6 in the frame of AIDS 2011 Tallinn, May 2011 (D7)


On May 26 the project BORDERNETwork project Satellite Workshop took place organised by NIHD, Estonia and SPI Forschung, Germany.

The workshop, which is one of the project’s Delievrables addressed experts and policy makers from European institutions and other European projects and HIV/STI service providers. The workshop was moderated by Elfriede Steffan, SPI and Kristi Rüütel, NIHD. The aim of the workshop was to discuss and exchange experience on successes and barriers in improving of early access to HIV and STI services and referral and treatment for key population groups (with special focus on people who inject drugs and sex workers).


Along with the presentation of the BORDERNETwork project and its work component Early Access to HIV/STIs Diagnostic of for key population groups (work package 6), the results of a recently conducted assessment survey for self-evaluation of VCT services (based on the NGO Code of good Practice) were presented. A good practice example of low-threshold HIV/STI diagnostic was shared by the Latvian project collaborating partner LIC, Riga. In the second part of the workshop international ECDC/WHO guidance and recommendations were presented as well as a good practice experience from an early HIV/STI community based diagnostic campaign in Belgium. Following overview of 2 further EU-funded project, COBATEST and Imp.Ac.T. was delivered and opportunities for collaboration with BORDERNETwork explored.


The BORDERNETwork satellite workshop was attended by 40 participants.