Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— Strategic Relevance


Global health targets can be met only if social determinants of health are tackled. BORDERNETwork focuses both disease causes and underlying factors, aiming to comprehend and change from low responses to prevention offers, to pertinence of risk behaviour and low accessibility of care services. The advanced state of research and furthermore the bridging of solid findings to practice will add to the existing host of public health knowledge, not least with positive implications for the citizens’ health.

Strategic relevance is assured also by the approach’s cornerstone – highly active prevention. The concurrent advancement of HIV/STIs prevention, diagnostic and treatment avoids currently spread pitfalls, aggravating health inequalities (increasing knowledge of HIV without offering treatment). The wide cross-topic focus with robust inter-links contributes substantially to the EU Health Programme priority actions such “Promote healthier ways of life and reduce major diseases by tackling health determinants” and “Sexual health and HIV-AIDS”.

The project is also relevant to sub-action “Public health capacity building” improving communication competence of health professionals, inter-sectoral exchange and dissemination of good practices, linkage among interfaces of the treatment systems (HIV/STI,TB,drug).