Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012


— Evaluation Conference



22-23 October 2012, Berlin


Evaluation Conference


The Evaluation Conference of the BORDERNETwork project took place in Berlin on 22-23 October 2012. The 58 participants (43 of whom women) came from 10 EU Member States (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Slovak Republic), 4 NON-EU countries from the European Neighbourhood Policy region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine) and Switzerland.  


A right proportion of sectors and disciplines were represented by stakeholders from 29 institutions among which: 19 civil society organisations (NGOs, Foundations, and Associations), 6 state public health institutions (among them 3 clinics), 2 high schools/universities, 1 ministry (the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany) and the European Commission (Executive Agency for Health and Consumers).


A welcome address was delivered by Ms Ines Perea from the German Federal Ministry of Health, BMG, followed by an impulse speech of EAHC, delivered by Ms Cinthia Menel-Lemos, project scientific officer in the Health Unit of EAHC.


The conference programme was structured in four plenary sessions and six parallel workshops. The external evaluation report of the project was presented during the last plenary session by the team of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, North-western Switzerland, School of Social Work.


In the last session, Mr Wilhelm Miebach from BMG presented the newly launched World Aids Day Campaign “Positive zusammen leben!”

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Opening Session

Plenary Session I

Plenary Session II (Special Topic)

Plenary Session III

Plenary Session IV

Workshop I (WP4)

Workshop III (WP6)

Workshop IV (WP7)

Workshop VI (WP9)