Project BORDERNETwork 2010-2012




BORDERNETWork promotes profound understanding and commitment to the complexity and multidimensionality of highly active prevention. The long-run significance hereof is the enhanced capacity on regional, national and cross-border level in interdisciplinary response to HIV/AIDS. Outcomes in 3 major areas will be produced:

- Synergy: Numerous synergetic effects will be brought off, based on deepened knowledge on the co-links between epidemiological events, social determinants and related evidence based prevention strategies. The increased network competency and the strengthened interdisciplinary relations will bridge gaps between prevention and treatment experts, social scientists, social work practitioners and physicians.

- Transparency and permeability: Diverse improvements of coverage and quality of health service provision will directly impact the target groups being the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in terms of access to HIV/STIs diagnostic, referral, treatment and care.

- Sustainability: On regional and supranational level sustainability is ensured by the transfer of effective and efficient working procedures through the generated inter-sectoral networks, which will prove viable beyond the project’s end. The involvement of the national AIDS programme levels will contribute to sustainable deployment of the outcomes. The geographical coverage of the action has a clear implication toward the successful halt of the rapidly growing HIV epidemic in Central and Eastern Europe.