Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.3. HIV/STIs Sentinel Surveillance — Activities conducted


Activities conducted in the frame of Sentinel Surveillance in Bulgaria and Romania in 2008 and 2009 

Coordination on-site visit (1st-5th April 2008, Sofia)

Main training of the representatives of sentinel sites was conducted in April 2008 with the trainers from SPI Forschung and Robert-Koch Institute. All 5 sentinel sites participated in the training in Sofia.

Information session on HIV/STI sentinel surveillance (25th June 2008, Bucharest)

The selected participants represent 3 of the largest STI diagnostic and treatment service providers in Rumania, with both stationary and ambulatory units. At first place the establishment of regional sentinel system was explained, the method of data collection, the instruments and the data flow.

International Expert Meeting on HIV/STI sentinel surveillance (6th March 2009, Sofia)

On the international Expert Meeting on HIV/STI sentinal surveillance participated team members of HESED, ARAS and SPI-Forschung. The first Outcomes of the sentinel surveillance in 2008 in Bulgaria and Romania were presented by SPI-Forschung and the results were discussed afterwards.


Here you can download the corresponding PowerPoint Presentation (in English):