Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.6. Build up of cooperation networks


Cross-border networks create synergy effects in and beyond the concerned regions

Interdisciplinary regional conferences, meetings, symposia and common cross-border intervention activities build the foundation of the model region networks in BORDERNET and BORDERNETwork.

A sufficient proportion of over 180 main stakeholders and specialized institutions in the five BORDERNETwork model regions were involved as co-organizers and participants in diverse activities. Among these are: government and non-government organisations and projects, health offices and centres, general practitioners, in- and outpatient (university) clinics as well as health policy and administration officers. The undertaken actions and their outcomes helped to improve health care offers and prevention measures in the field of HIV/AIDS and STI in and beyond the model regions.


The BORDERNETwork partner institutions supported in the two German-Polish cross-border regions (MRI and MRII) have been active for many years building and shaping cross-border networks to improve HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, diagnostic, and treatment.

In these areas, they have achieved key results with exemplary character that the project has already drawn on to build the networks in 2008 in the new model regions in Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.