Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.4. HIV Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)


The HIV Test counselling is usually the only situation, in which persons with risky sexual behaviour can attend personal counselling. Therefore the qualitative HIV test counselling has a special significance in the frame of prevention. Nevertheless we faced various shortcomings in the quality of HIV test counselling and the scope of reach in all model regions.

The STI diagnostic offers have only than a high significance within the HIV/Aids prevention, when they reach the “right” clients, when they dispose at high diagnostic quality and when they are interlinked to counselling. In the practice however the STI diagnostic offers are not easily accessible, rarely anonymous and even rarer free-of-charge. Usually they are not publicly announced and interlinked to HIV test and counselling. Comprehensive diagnostic is offered often very limited and does not meet the recommendations of WHO. In recent publications, WHO experts call for considerable improvement of the control and prevention of STIs. Changes are unavoidable in order to improve the efficiency of prevention and diag-nostic.