Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.2. HIV/STI Prevention among special target groups


All partners of the network have carried out preventive measures, which were addressed at specific target groups. These ranged from joint and regular transborder prevention insets in drug-, prostitution- and MSM-scenes, on model-like VCT services in the border area and in prisons until the consultation and training of peers among sex workers and representatives of Roma communities. 


The implementation of these time-consuming projects, at least as a model, is also extremely useful in the framework of international measures to


   -  find out about the situation of a certain target group,
   -  identify risky behaviors and knowledge gaps,
   -  continue methodological approaches (new and proven) across the border and in new fields,
   -  combat social exclusion and discrimination,
   -  create the basis for new or modified activities in the area of prevention.