Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.2. HIV/STI Prevention among special target groups — Injecting drug users


Examples from practice:



Model region I and II (Germany/ Poland)

The German partner BELLADONNA offered in the custody pending deportation in Brandenburg every week consulting services to women (especially for drug addicts). The offer was extended transnational to the Polish side. Once a month the women of the women's prison in Krzywaniec are getting visits by the outreach team offering HIV/STI prevention measures like counseling and testing.




Model region V (Eastern Poland/ Western Ukraine)




A new needle and syringe exchange point was opened in May in Rzeszów. The regular harm reduction approach was supplemented by free HIV testing which was available in the VCT site of the local SANIPEDs. In Nowa Sarzyna (60 km from Rzeszów) an expanded counseling center was opened in June. Dependent drug users as well as young people who experiment with drugs were accompanied there and their families got attended. In the latter part of the year 73 clients made use of the consultation. In addition, other offers of drug rehabilitation are going to be established. In individual consultations people on the road are motivated to drug withdrawal and to participate in an ambulant group therapy.




The training project "Prevention Week" was implemented in a school with the participation of Ukrainian partners of the SALUS Foundation. Most people who come into contact with drugs, are aged between 16 to 21 years, so many preventive measures are aimed at students. During the meetings a competition of knowledge about health took place; it was attended by pupils of comprehensive school in Jasionka.