Project BORDERNETwork 2008-2009


3.1. HIV/STI Prevention and Sexual Health of Young People


In almost all model regions projects and activities about HIV/STI prevention among young persons were conducted. These ranged from regionally planned prevention campaigns and competitions, development of educational materials (Germany, Poland, Ukraine), training workshops in methods and communication skills for HIV/STI prevention (Poland, Ukraine) and the development of curricula for classes in AIDS prevention in schools (Moldova) until bilateral exchange seminars (Bulgaria / Romania) and a European network seminar on youth and HIV prevention (Romania). The theme prevention among adolescents is primarily influenced by the ethical and political debates held in the respective countries. 

In the countries of Poland, Ukraine and Moldova a strong influence of the church and religious groups (particularly in Western Ukraine) is perceptible; this complicates prevention that includes condoms. While the ministries of health of all countries mostly cooperate, the respective ministries of education show a more disapproving attitude. Here it is necessary to consider on the one hand the conditions of the countries and on the other hand to shape messages of prevention that are drawn from live and suited to daily use.


Two priorities marked the objectives and tasks in this working area:


  • To achieve a more effective prevention the fields of work HIV/STI- prevention and reproductive health should be linked more closely and more systematically.
  • Trainings of multiplicators (teachers, educators, etc) on STI prevention in the context of measures to a reproductive health shall help to extend the coverage of this approach. 



Some Examples from practice:



Model regions I and II (Germany/ Poland)





  • In November 2008 the youth film days took place in the model region II (in Guben, under the patronage of the district administrator) and 524 German and Polish students attended.
  • In addition, the transborder youth film days took place in the model region I in Wolgast and in Świnoujście. A total of approximately 1700 young people could be reached, mostly students and some teachers. Here you can download the corresponding Power Point Presentation.
  • Other prevention events and youth events were organized in Germany (in Brandenburg altogether 55) and in Poland.
  • The AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day was celebrated with street actions and public relations in Zielona Góra (Poland). As part of the Festival of Science (Zielona Góra), the art festival of the academic youth  FAMA (in Świnoujście) and the Festival Przystanek Woodstock (all in Poland), information booths and prevention activities were organized. 




A series of activities were carried out transboundary:

  • Cross-border youth film days
  • Student congress on prevention, diagnostics and therapy of HIV/Aids in college
  • Seminar within the congress with medical students of the clinic Szczecin on training of their communicative skills regarding the doctor-patient relation and on methods of sexual heath promotion
  • Regional trainings for medical students and trainees of the clinic Szczecin and the University Rostock to be connected with the Europe-wide project of the medical professional associations „Mit Sicherheit verliebt“
  • Art Festival of the academic youth in Świnoujście
  • First method workshop of an interdisciplinary team of specialists to develop a polish handout for the preventive sexual educational work of multipliers on-location on the basis of materials of the MAT
  • Youth Forum with students and pupils to WAD in the castle Szczecin with active participation of MAT and Abendrot
  • Festive event at the adult education centre of Schwerin with Polish guests
  • Telephone of trust in Szczecin
  • Tram events in Szczecin
  • Bilateral full-day training on the topic "Prevention of sexual health in the intercultural context"
  • Information stands/street events in the German-Polish border region (with Polish and regional partners)




The Project „Lümmeltüten“

In 2008 a design competition among students of the Land Brandenburg was announced. The aim was to develop an additional condom packaging that should be appealing to young people.  In connection with BORDERNETwork 2009 the work for the so-called "Lümmeltüten” was completed in the spring and summer of 2009. The winning design was awarded with media attention and then the 14 500 printed "Lümmeltüten" were packed. They have created a product that contains all the necessary information about offers on sexual health in the respective county, a condom and education materials in a modern form.



Woodstock Festival

In the context of the project BORDERNETwork the AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Potsdam attended the 15th Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn/Poland on July 31 in 2009. Together with the Counselling Centre Bella Donna e.V. and students of the University of Zielona Gora, information and prevention materials were distributed principally to German and Polish young people. About 4,000 people could be reached and contacts with other Polish initiatives were made.



Fire brigade youth camp

On August 28 in 2009 a day of action was held in Eisenhüttenstadt during the country's fire brigade youth camp of the country's Fire Service Association Brandenburg. As part of its youth work, the fire department had invited German and Polish young people and Leaders of youth fire brigades. During this event 300 German and Polish young people and multipliers have been sensitised and interested for the theme HIV/AIDS.




Model region V (Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine)







In October 2008 a conference on “Drug problem, HIV/ AIDS and other dependencies among young people” took place in Trzebownisko (near Rzeszów) in Poland. It was especially targeted at school teachers. The conference was attended by 54 participants; among them were also representatives of educational institutions and youth advisers. The Ukrainian partners from SALUS exchanged knowledge and experience with their Polish colleagues. In conclusion, it has been worked on a bilingual information booklet on HIV/ AIDS and drugs for young people.






Between September and October 2009 in the Lviv region, West Ukraine, the team of SALUS conducted 6 trainings for around 180 teachers from secondary schools on the topic: “Safe behavior, health promotion, sexual health”.




Model Region VII (Bulgaria/ Romania/ Moldova)





  • In Moldova, for the first time HIV/ AIDS prevention education in schools has been accomplished by representatives of the Civil Society (NGO of the self-help group of the PLHIV). The team of CREDINTA has prepared a detailed curriculum with teaching modules, which focuses on 14 - to 19 - year-old pupils. The program was presented to ministries of education of the country (Chisinau) and the region of Transnistria (Tiraspol). For that purpose this team has organized a transfer-training in peer approaches in the field of youth prevention and a training of NGOs for HIV prevention lessons at school. Experts from Romania and Bulgaria supported this exchange of experiences.
  • Preliminary tests have already taken place in 2008; this work was continued in 2009. 
  • At the end of September an International Training Seminar on “Peer drama as an educational tool for HIV/AIDS prevention and reduce discrimination against people suffering from AIDS” took place in Sofia. To the training attended professionals of the team of HESED (among others psychologists, social workers and para-professionals from Roma origin). The main objective of the training was to enhance the professionals’ skills in using the drama methods as a training tool in the field of HIV/AIDS/STI prevention among young people and vulnerable groups.